Have you registered with the OWL yet?

The OWL turned one in April. Have you registered yet?

The Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) is an industry-wide dietary supplement product registry that helps create a more accurate and complete picture of the supplement marketplace for regulators, retailers, and industry. The Supplement OWL serves as an online resource for a variety of stakeholders to identify products, their ingredients and the companies who market them, and permit registry users to examine and evaluate labels and other product information. Today, with over 10,000 labels and growing, the Supplement OWL is doing just that.

“The Supplement OWL is a clear demonstration of what can happen when industry chooses to collaborate and speak with a united voice,” said Steve Mister, president & CEO, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement industry. “We all have the same goal: consumer safety. Working together to bring the OWL to fruition, we are helping regulators keep bad actors off the market, giving retailers a new tool to curate their product offerings, and underscoring our industry’s accountability to consumers. Responsible companies recognize the importance of registry participation and understand what the absence of labels suggests. If a company is not willing to be transparent, it’s only natural to wonder what they’re hiding. I’m confident that as the OWL enters its second year, soon the majority of responsible industry will be represented.”

To learn more about the Supplement OWL and how to get started uploading product labels, visit www.SupplementOWL.org. Contact: Holly Vobtman, Communications Associate–202-204-7665, hvogtman@crnusa.org

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